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Personal Protection Equipment

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HDPE Helmet: Nape Strap (Labour Type)

Load Carrying Helmet (Labour type)

HDPE Helmet Ratchet adjustment Strap (staff Type)

HDPE Helmet Nape Strap (staff Type)

Helmet with Universal Faceshield

Helmet with Light
(Labour type)

Welding Helmet(Labour type)

Auto darkening Helmet

Aluminised Hood (Labour type)

Bump Cap(Labour type)

Face Shield (Labour type)

Zoom Goggles

Punk Innovision Dark

Visitor goggles

Spectacles with Side Mesh

Spectacle Type Goggles

Chemical Splash Goggles

Polycarbonate hard coated

Antifog clear&smoke

Portable Eye Wash station

Eye wash Fountain Shower

Eye wash Shower

EyeWash Bottle

Earplug with cord (Foam Type)

Earplug without cord

Reusable Ear Plugs

Ear Plug Dispenser

Ear Muff

Helmet mount Ear Muff

Disposable Nose Mask

Non Woven Nose Mask

Dust/Mist Cup type respirator

N95 Cuptype respirator

R95 Cuptype respirator

Cuptype respirator

N95 Respirator

halfface piece respirator dual

halfface piece respirator

fullface piece respirator

3M 6003 Cartridges

3M 6004 Ammonia

3M 6005 Formaldehyde/OV

3M 6006 Multi-gas / Vapour

Filter Retainer

Particulate filter

self contained apparatus

Carbon Composite Cylinder

Cloth Type Hand gloves

Cotton Knitted Gloves

Cotton sleeves

Disposable Gloves

Polka Dotted Hand Gloves

Nylon knitted gloves

Nylon cloth Lint Free gloves

Banian gloves

Banian Sleeves

Jeans Gloves

Surgical gloves

Examination gloves

Rubber Hand gloves

PVC gloves

PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves

Nitrile Coated Hand gloves

Nitrile Examination Gloves

Neoprene hand gloves

PU Gloves White/Grey/Black

E Nitrilion gloves

Rubber Latex coating Gloves

Construction rubber gloves

Dyneema Cut Coated Gloves

Leather Hand gloves

Multi Leather Hand gloves

Canadian Hand gloves

Asbestos hand gloves

Kevlar hand gloves

Esab Arc Welding Gloves

Esab Tig Welding Gloves

Cryogenic Gloves

Stainless Steel Metal Gloves

Aluminised Kevlar® Gloves

PVC Disposable Gloves

Refl. Jacket 1" Tape

Refl. Jacket 2" Tape

3 Side Open Reflective Jacket

Reflective Coverall

Boiler Suit

Fire Retardant Coverall

Welding Coverall

Jeans Apron

Cotton Apron

Pvc Apron

Pvc Suit

Pvc Pressure Suit

Leather Apron

Leather Legurd

Leather Sleeves

Kevlar Apron

Aluminised Apron

Paintshop Coverall

Fire Fighting Suit

Raincoat / Rain Suit

DupontTychem-C Chemical Suit

Tychem F Chemical Resistant

Tyvek Coverall

Esd/Antistatic Coverall

Disposable Coverall

Antistatic / Esd Cap

Antistatic / Esd Gloves

Esd / Antistatic Slippers

Antistatic Coveralls

Disposable Shoe Cover


Lint Free Cloth

Lint Free Cloth Gloves

Lint Free Mops


Magna Harnesses

Techno Series

Elasto Series

Rhino Harnesses

E-CON Series

Vest Harness

Accessories with Harnesses

Bulb Type Karabiners

Steel Hooks & Connectors

Aluminium Hooks& Co

Anchorage Hooks

Dielectric Hooks & Connectors

Work Positioning Lanyards

Restraint Lanyards

Energy Absorbing Fall Arrest

Internal Shock Absorbing

Forked Lanyards

Mikron Blocks

Synthetic Textile Rope Blocks

Retrieval Retractable Blocks

Polymer Casing Blocks

Aluminium Casing Blocks

Twin Retractable Block

Maintenance Kit

Rescue Kit

Tower Kit

Confined Space Entry Kit

Confined Space Entry Kit

Seize'em Rescue Kit

Descenders & Rope Clamps



Rescue Chair

Rescue & Descent Accessories

Komfy-Kruze System

Respac Recovery Stretcher

Energy Absorbing Webbing

Fall Arrestor PN2000

Tripod kit with basic winch

Wire Rope Fall Arrestor

Aluminium Ladder

Rope Ladder

Alko Plus Shoes

Black Bison

Prima Shoes

Tiger Shoes

Karam Shoes

Acme Shoes

Hillson Shoes

Allen Copper Shoes

Liberty Shoes

Jcb Shoes

Action Shoes

Euro Safety Shoes

Fortune Shoes

Jungle Shoes

Asbestos Shoes

Pvc Cut Shoes

Overshoe Toe Protectors


Duckback Gumboot

Fortune Atlantic Gumboot

3M Loopmat

3M Z-Mat

3M Aqua Mat

Floor Marking Taps

Antiskid Tapes

Electrical Chart

Electrical Gloves Cls0 To Cls4

Electrical Rubber Mats

Signages& Danger Boards

Electrical Safety Nomex

Electrical Arc Flash Suit And Kits

Electrical Body Rescue Hook

Electrical Hot Sticks

First Aid Burn Kits

First Aid Box


Smoke Escape Hood

Artificial Resuscitator

Evacuation Chair

Wheel Chair

Cpr Mannequin


Life Jacket

Safety Knife

Snake Catcher

Burn Dressings

Waterjel Blankets

Safety Cans

Safety Cabinet Flammables

Saf.Cabinets For Combustibles

Saf.Cabinets For Pesticides

Storage Cabinets (Acids)

Cabinet Accessories

Spill Control Pallets

Smokers Cease Fire

Petroleum Sorbents

Chemical Sorbents

Maintenance Sorbents

Oil Spill Kit

Chemical Spill Kit

Sorbent Pillow / Booms

Compact Lockout Stations

Flexible Di-Electric Lockout

Group Lockout Box

Jacket Padlocks Regular

Padlocks & Combinations

Large Circuit Breaker Lockout

Lockout Hasp Standard

Lockout Hasp Vinyl Coated

Lockout Key Cabinet

Lockout Personal Pouch

Lockout Station

Lockout Tag Holder

Lockout Tags

Lockout Tag Out Stations

Universal Lockout Hasp

Padlock Cabinet

Valve Lockout Kit

Gate Valve Lockouts Kit

Large Valve Lockout Kit

Single Gas Detectors

Multi Gas Detector

5 Pid Five Gas Detector

Light Meter

Digital Lux Meter

Lux Lcd Display


Defibtech Aed

Cardiac Science Aed